An unparalleled range
of FBG products

All products are developed in-house and there is no reliance on third-party equipment or know-how, allowing for long-term, repeatable manufacture and the ability to customize products to meet client needs.

Dispersion Compensation Modules


A continuous band dispersion compensation module with customizable specification parameters.


A high dispersion compensation module suitable for enhancing coherent submarine and ultra long-haul systems.


A residual Dispersion Slope Compensator with the ability to tailor the dispersion characteristics to link specific values.


A low-cost dispersion compensator supplied in a miniature patch-cord package.

Dispersion Emulation Modules (DEM)

A dispersion emulation module able to create the chromatic dispersion effects of a specific long fiber network.

Optical Layer Monitor

An optical layer monitoring product series that combines the features of an optical spectrum analyzer and a fast optical channel monitor, aimed at long haul and metropolitan DWDM network supervision.

FBG Sensors


An FBG array temperature sensor based on FBG technology suitable for continuous operation with long term stability of <1 C per year at temperatures of up to 650 C.


An FBG array temperature sensor design that offers unparalleled measurement performance from room temperature down to 10K. WISTCryo offers EX safe measurement and is immune to the effect of magnetic fields used in some cryogenic processes.

FBG Interrogators

WISTSense Ultra

A highly accurate FBG interrogator providing
measurement of up to several thousand sensors per device. Supplied complete with Proximion's analysis software which provides complete data acquisition, computation, and analysis of all sensors in real-time.

WISTSense Sprint

A compact and ultra fast FBG interrogator suited for dynamic sensing applications, offering high resolution interrogation at frequencies up to 25 kHz. Also supplied with Proximion's data
analysis software.

Custom FBGs

Using an agile, software controlled grating writing station, Proximion can manufacture fully customized FBGs to suit numerous telecoms, sensing and other applications.

From short, densely spaced FBG arrays for sensing, to long continuous chirped FBGs for dispersion management, or highly customized spectral profiles for specialist applications, Proximion's custom FBG capability are second to none.

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