Experience the power of truly continuous Fiber Bragg Gratings

Advanced technology for challenging applications

Proximion is the world leader in design and manufacturing of advanced Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs). We improve our customers' systems and processes by bringing this versatile technology to challenging applications within telecommunications and harsh environment sensing.

Customized Fiber Bragg Grating solutions

There are countless applications for Proximion's customized FBG solutions that fall into three categories:

Telecoms applications

Improving high-speed fiberoptic network speed and security.

Sensing applications

Condition monitoring and process optimization in the harshest of environments.

Chirped FBG applications

Enabling new, unparalleled photonic equipment capabilities.

Why choose Proximion?

  • We will customize solutions to your specific needs
  • We will never compromise on quality or performance to win your business
  • We will partner with you to ensure your success
  • We will be your trusted fiberoptic technology advisor, and create solutions that deliver clear value to you