Fiber Optic Sensor Systems

Easy data acquisition from a large number of measurement points

Proximion designs and manufactures customized state-of-the-art fiber optic sensor systems for the measurement of temperature, strain, and other physical parameters. Our technology suits the requirement of measurements with; difficult environmental conditions, a high number of measurement points, few signal cables that may work over long distances, high measurement accuracy, and fast time response.

Our advanced fiber optic platform, based on Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) technology, can significantly enhance performance, productivity, and digitalization in numerous industries through condition monitoring, process optimization, and by connecting into process control.

We always aim to deliver cutting-edge, customized solutions to our customers. This is achieved by our unique ability to precisely tailor the FBG sensors and sensor packaging for every specific application. Everything from development to design and manufacturing is conducted at our premises in Kista, Sweden

Benefits of FBG-based sensors – Our strengths. Your advantage.

Large number of sensor points – enables array sensing

The high number of sensor points in one single optical fiber gives great measurement coverage for array sensing in line, area, and volume measurements for enhanced process visualization and control.

Extremely small sensors – fast and precise measurements

The small diameter of the fiber enables fast responses for monitoring of dynamic processes and allows measurement exactly where you need it.

Signals transfer by light – easy cabling

The measurement signals are transferred by light only, and so are insensitive to electro-magnetic fields and do not disturb other devices. The signal cable can be laid next to power cables over very long distances if required, with no disturbance from electromagnetic fields. All dielectric fiber sensors do not electrically disturb other devices.

Low power light source – intrinsically (EX) safe

The presence of only low-power light and no electricity in the cabling and at the sensor point allows for use in the most hazardous environments by being inherently safe optical radiation, according to IEC 60079-28:2015 for the highest optical protection class, if required.

No electronics – very long service-life

With no degrading electronic components, the fiber optic sensors can tolerate temperature extremes (high and low), high voltage, aggressive chemicals, vibrations, humidity, and explosive environments.

Multiplexed telecoms technology – low system cost

Fiber optic sensing uses high-volume, low-cost telecoms technology. A sensing system with many fiber optic sensors connected to a single instrument by simple, low-cost optical cable can be significantly less expensive than an equivalent system using legacy electronic technology.

FBG vs electrical sensors

Fiber optic sensors, especially FBG-based ones, provide an attractive alternative to traditional electrical sensors for many applications. They have the advantages of high accuracy, long-term stability, streamlined installation, and premium performance under critical environmental conditions.

The optical fiber sensor is written into the fiber itself, so the fiber is the only mechanical component of the sensor. Because the sensor contains neither moving parts nor electrical circuitry, it is completely immune to all forms of interference from electrical and magnetic fields and has extraordinary resistance to chemical and mechanical fatigue.

Proximion offers complete FBG-based sensor systems

A typical FBG-based sensor system consists of FBG sensors, optical interrogators, and sensor analysis software. Proximion’s advanced fiber optic sensor system for high-temperature measurements consists of customized WISTHeat sensors and WISTSense Ultra interrogators.

FBG sensors that read other measurands such as strain, pressure, acceleration and the like can be integrated within the same Proximion system. The system’s unprecedented sensor density together with extreme resolution and sample rate will provide you with insights you never thought were possible.

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A wide range of applications

The need for distributed sensing of temperature and other process parameters exists in a wide range of applications such as; oil & gas, energy, steel industry, various process industries, aerospace & defense, and automotive. We have a wealth of experience working with fiber optics and have unique expertise in the design and development of FBG-based sensor system solutions for various industries.

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Proximion's technology has proven use cases

Proximion's fiber optic sensor systems are already providing value in many applications. Use cases include monitoring the condition of roller bearings, watching for defects in molten steel as it is cast, and monitoring the thermodynamics inside chemical reactors.

Details of many of these use cases must be withheld to preserve our clients' competitive advantage; however, some information is shared below to illustrate the power of a Proximion fiber optic sensing solution.

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Why choose Proximion as your Fiber Optic Sensing partner

All in-house capability

Proximion boasts an expert team of scientists, designers, and manufacturing personnel at its state-of-the-art facilities in Kista, Sweden. This team collaborates to create FBG sensor and interrogator products to our customers' needs.


As an ISO 9001 accredited business, quality is baked into Proximion’s culture, how it manages its relationships with vendors and customers, and the products that it manufactures.

We tailor our technology to your needs

Rather than offering standard off-the-shelf sensor solutions, our goal is to always work closely with you, having a continuous dialogue while tailoring the fiber optic sensing solution in order to best meet your application requirements.

Expertise in multiple industries

At Proximion, we are fortunate to have application specialists with knowledge of numerous industries in which our technology is able to offer value, including oil & gas, aerospace, steel, chemical & petrochemical processing and rotating equipment.

Strength in fiber

Proximion is part of the large Hexatronic Group, an industry-leading innovator in all things fiber optic. Hexatronic provides the financial strength and additional fiber capability to allow Proximion to take on the biggest fiber-sensing challenges.

We work closely with our customers

We treat our customers as partners - one example of a successful partnership is our collaboration with SKF.

SKF has been working with fiber optic load sensing since the early 2000’s for critical applications and has therefore gained a lot of knowledge around this technology. This has initially been for R&D projects together with selected customers.

In 2017 SKF decided to industrialize this technology and scale it up for use in different applications where fiber optical load sensing integrated into bearings supports the SKF promise to offer reliable rotation to SKF's customers.

In 2018 SKF entered into a development partnership with Proximion to build a strong product portfolio with the knowledge and experience of Proximion related to the development and production of advanced fiber optic sensors and data collection hardware units. 

The first commercially available offer that was launched end of 2019 was focusing on applications within the fluid industry, mainly pumps and compressors enabling the OEMs to better understand the application conditions by knowing the real loads.

SKF and Proximion are working together on speeding up to expand the offer portfolio to other applications.