Customized Dispersion Compensation Modules


Customize your DCM

Learn about our DCM customization options below or contact us directly and we will personally help you out. 

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Our DCMs come in four designs

Continuous full band

Do as the majority of the Tier-1 system vendors and get perfectly tailored and future-proof dispersion solutions with low IL, no latency, and no NLE.

Continuous banded

If you have a submarine system or another banded solution, you can also experience all the benefits of our unique continuous products.


A low-cost alternative with all the benefits of the FBG design, but you have to live with the drawbacks of a non-continuous solution with limited bandwidth.

Continuous slope

Residual slope compensation for submarine and festoon links that often have extreme dispersion slope values.

Calculate link length, insertion loss and latency

Our DCM variations are endless. Calculate yourself and check out our package options below.

What is your preferred bandwidth?

  • Any bandwidth and any frequency range is possible
  • Full C-band or L-band equals ~40 nm

Which fiber is used on your link?

  • Our solution can be tailored to any fiber type
  • As an example G.652 (SMF) has a dispersion coefficient of 16.8 ps/nm/km and G.655 (LEAF) has a dispersion coefficient of 4.2 ps/nm/km

Longer links?

The optical performance of our DCMs make them perfect to cascade.
  • A DCM has an IL of 2.5 – 3.8 dB depending on configuration, add as many devices as your link requires

Choose package

Basically, we provide three alternative FBG packages dependent on grating length

  • Continuous full band products - Ø 160 x 16 mm
  • Banded solutions (low dispersion)
  • Channelized products – 28 x 15 x 180 mm

Outer packages for continuous solutions are often entirely customized

  • Standard box dimensions 197x212x22.5 mm
  • Standard box of up to four cascaded units in one box are also available

Would you like to discuss the possibilities?

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