We Optimize Your Fiber Optic Solutions

Proximion is the world leader in design and manufacturing of advanced Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs). Our FBGs can be perfectly tailored to any customer requirement. We improve our customers' products and systems by bringing this versatile technology to challenging areas within telecommunications, heavy industry and aerospace.

Within telecommunication our products and solutions are today shipped in volume to the majority of the ten leading system vendors, which represent approximately 90 percent of the telecommunication market.

As a fully owned subsidiary within the Hexatronic Group we offer our customers the stability and transparency of being listed at NASDAQ, combined with immediacy and agility of an entrepreneurial company that provides state-of-the-art subsystems to market leaders within various industries.

loading of submarine cable at the port in hudiksvall sweden 

loading of submarine cable at the port in hudiksvall sweden 


Our Three Business Areas

We design, develop and manufacture products and systems within our three business areas:


Dispersion Compensation – complete portfolio of dispersion compensation products to the telecommunication industry. Applications range from traditional SDH networks to modern coherent DWDM networks. Customers include the majority of the worlds Tier-1 system vendors.


Optical Layer Monitoring – high performance optical layer monitoring products, including a software development kit and a network monitoring system to supervise an entire DWDM network. Customers include major international carriers, universities and the defense industry.


Fiber Sensing – advanced fiber sensing systems for temperature measurements. Special focus is applications with extreme demands when it comes to time response, accuracy, number of measurement points and environmental conditions. Customers include blue chip companies in various industries.


At the Heart of Innovation

Everything we do is based on our capability within advanced FBGs which provides us with unparalleled possibilities. We continuously strive to improve and innovate in order to deliver solutions that makes a significant difference and opens up new possibilities for our customers. Throughout the years innovation and quality has been the heart of our business. This work will continue. 

assembly of chromatic dispersion compensator

Hexatronic Group – Quick Facts

Factory,  30 000 SQM,  Hudiksvall, Sweden

Factory, 30 000 SQM, Hudiksvall, Sweden

Port for Submarine cable, Hudiksvall, Sweden

Port for Submarine cable, Hudiksvall, Sweden

  • Complete portfolio within passive fiber optic infrastructure

  • Awarded patented technology and innovations

  • World leading brands: Ribbonet, Micronet, Lightmate, QuickGrip and WISTOM

  • In-house production in high capacity facilities

  • Global presence with offices in Sweden, the U.S. and Hong Kong

  • Founded in 1993

  • 165 employees

  • Revenue of $70M

  • Share traded at NASDAQ OMX Nordic



Partner Network

In order to deliver cutting-edge solutions, not only to day but also going forward, we have established a broad network of knowledge and expertise. Through our network we gain valuable insight from the technological forefront which helps us to focus all our efforts on innovation for our customers and their continued success.