Product Portfolio

Proximion combines advanced Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) manufacturing technology with an extensive packaging and SW know‐how in order to produce state‐of‐the art FBG based dispersion compensators and sophisticated optical layer monitoring and analysis systems.

The Proximion Dispersion Compensation (DCM) product line addresses various types of dispersion management needs and includes both passive as well as active components. The wide offering of dispersion compensating modules, e.g. channelized, continuous and tuneable, ensures a perfect match to any given application. Proximion’s FBG based chromatic dispersion management solutions further provides the telecommunications industry with unparalleled possibilities when it comes to latency, cost and network performance optimization ‐ a conclusion supported by the to‐date, thousands of units deployed in various networks worldwide.

The optical monitoring product line, WISTOM, includes various types of measuring and monitoring systems. These advanced and versatile analysis systems are all built around Proximion’s unique and proprietary ultra fast, high performance scanning filter. By incorporating a non‐intrusive, all‐optical domain approach to optical signal analysis the WISTOM products ensure protocol and bit‐rate transparent monitoring of all types of optical networks as well as provide unique opportunities in various optical sensor analysis applications.