June 11, 2013

Proximion offers OEM customized fiber Bragg gratings

Proximion now offers Original Equipment Manufactured (“OEM”) ultra-long customized Fiber Bragg Gratings (“FBG”) for seamless integration into various products and systems.


Kista, Sweden, Proximion AB, a world-class provider of Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) based products, today announced the launch of Customized FBGs. Proximion’s new product release allows companies to add the benefits of state-of-the-art FBGs to their product offerings, quickly and efficiently, with a minimum investment and without extensive fiber optic knowledge.

Integrating Proximion’s customized FBGs provide companies new, unique opportunities for product and system enhancements. The technology is stable and durable, cost effective and immune to EMI. Potential application areas include fiber optic temperature and strain sensors, laser filtering/locking, optical communications, medical imaging, metrology and more.

With FBGs more than 10 times longer than any competitor’s Proximion’s FBGs can be manufactured with higher precision, resolution and operating range. The superior performance of the ultra-long FBG-technology has already resulted in a number of volume applications within the telecom and defense industry.

Proximion is a reliable partner that uses a flexible writing technique which allows for smaller series but can also guarantee performance in volume applications due to a highly automated production process. Today a strong majority of the Tier-1 system vendors, several Tier-1 operators and the defense industry in several countries belong to the broad customer base that takes advantage of Proximion’s unique ultra-long FBGs to improve their products and systems.


About Proximion AB
Proximion AB is a world-class provider of optical modules and sub-systems based on Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) technology. By combining these unique optical devices with the truly innovative skills of our team, Proximion contributes to our customers’ and partners’ success in a variety of markets.

As an example, Proximion today holds the market’s widest FBG-based portfolio of Dispersion Compensation Modules (DCM). The portfolio ranges from single channel modules to complex continuous band modules which are used to eliminate the residual dispersion in Submarine Networks or to enable powerful and cost effective dispersion compensation in coherent systems.

Proximion has pioneered the design, manufacturing, and application of advanced FBGs. Proximion’s unique and patented method enables manufacturing of FBGs with virtually any filter characteristics. Proximion is a privately held company headquartered in Kista, Sweden.

Media Contact:
Tobias Persson, VP Marketing & Sales, Proximion
Phone: +46 70 887 44 01
E-mail: Tobias.Persson@proximion.com