May 18, 2015

Fiber optical sensors for distributed temperature sensing

Launch of an FBG-based temperature sensor series with the ability to enhance performance, productivity and safety in critical and/or harsh environment industries. The optical sensors provides precise and reliable long term measurements in up to 600°C (1,100°F).


Kista, Sweden, Proximion AB, announces the launch of WistHeat, a new series of fiber optical sensors for distributed temperature sensing. WistHeat temperature sensors are ideal for harsh environment processes and industries. No matter if it is extreme conditions when it comes to temperature, dust, vibrations or voltage the optical sensors will provide long term reliable temperature monitoring.

Over the past few years, Proximion has been designing and producing complete temperature monitoring systems including interrogator and analysis software on an OEM basis. In addition to the launch of WistHeat, Proximion today also launched WistSense an ultra-fast interrogator that simultaneously measures 13 optical fibers, each with up to approximately 80 sensing points. Combining WistHeat optical sensors with the WistSense interrogator Proximin’s partners and customers are now able to design advanced systems for distributed temperature sensing.

The WistHeat series can be fully customized to meet any demands on sensor array length, separation of sensor elements or choice of wavelength.  In the standard configuration the optical sensors are packaged in a hermetic stainless steel tube with an outer diameter of 800 µm. This configuration provides a thermal constant as low as 70 ms and long term stability up to 600°C (1,100°F).  All Proximion fiber optical sensors are based on the Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) technology with a standard spacing between sensing elements of 5 mm.


Proximion will showcase the WistHeat series at the Sensor + Test exhibition in booth number 476, 19-21 May 2015 in Nürnberg, Germany. Proximion will also host a presentation at the exhibition on May 19 at 12.30 in Hall 11: “High density fiber array sensors for temperature monitoring 600°C and high speed interrogator with 10,000 temperature readouts per second”.

About Proximion AB
Proximion has pioneered the design, manufacturing, and application of advanced FBGs. Proximion’s unique and patented method enables manufacturing of FBGs with virtually any characteristics.Proximion is a fully owned subsidiary to Hexatronic Group AB (publ), listed at Nasdaq Stockholm, Sweden.

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